Terms & Conditions for Brain in Hand Users

This page was last updated on April 1st 2020.

This page contains terms and conditions relating to use of the Brain in Hand system and is only relevant to individuals who are using Brain in Hand. For the terms and conditions of the use of this website and services available therein, please click here to visit our 'Terms & Conditions' page.

If your Brain in Hand licence has been provided to you by a supporting organisation, and not purchased direct or funded via pathways such as Access to Work or DSA, please visit your organisation’s support site for your specific Terms and Conditions.

If you'd like to tell us about your Brain in Hand experience, you can give feedback (anonymously if you would prefer) by clicking here to visit our feedback page.


Thank you for using Brain in Hand. We hope you find it useful and enjoyable.

It is important that you understand and agree to the following conditions, so please contact us if there is anything you don’t understand.

To buy Brain in Hand, you will need to be over 18 and capable of entering into a contract or guarantee. If you are under 18 years old, please ask an adult to purchase Brain in Hand for you. If you are under 18 years old and already use Brain in Hand, please ask an adult to read through these terms and conditions with you.

As Brain in Hand is a mobile solution, we cannot always guarantee availability of the service. In addition, occasional maintenance of the system will take place, but this is limited.

You are expected to provide your own compatible smartphone or tablet device, which is your own responsibility, and you are expected to cover any related costs (e.g. internet connection, data usage). You will also need the use of a computer with internet access to set up your account.

An internet connection on your mobile device (via wifi or mobile data) is required to make full use of the mobile software.

One of the features of Brain in Hand is to give you access to a professional on-demand human support service who can give you help via the phone, text, or email when you need it most. Our on-demand support is provided by Taking Care and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Brain in Hand on-demand support is about helping you keep your day on track; it is not in any way an emergency service or substitute for dialling 999.

Your on-demand support connection will be discussed with you at your personal planning session. You can change the method by which the support service contacts you (phone / text / email) on your Brain in Hand website profile page.

Following you making a support request, you will receive a text to confirm that Taking Care will contact you. They will aim to respond to you within 30 minutes one hour of receiving a notification.

If you decide to nominate and link your own alternative or additional responder to your account, Brain in Hand accepts no responsibility for, and has no influence over, the terms and conditions (including response times, confidentiality or data protection policies) under which they operate.

We would therefore advise that you and your alternative or additional responder discuss what they will do if they receive a notification from your Brain in Hand account. It may be that they respond to you by text, phone or email within a certain time period, or it may be that the notification is just to let them know that you are struggling that day.

By connecting to your on-demand support service or choosing to link a personal responder to your account, you give them permission to log on and see your strategies, edit content and view your timeline of activity. This also allows them to comment on the timeline in order to share feedback with you and any other responders that you might decide to link to your account.

You can find more information about our on-demand support provided by Taking Care here.

If your Brain in Hand licence has been provided to you by a supporting organisation (such as your place of education or a mental health or social care support service) please contact your supporting organisation for your specific Terms and Conditions.

If you have purchased Brain in Hand direct, or somebody has purchased an individual Brain in Hand subscription on your behalf (such as being funded via Access to Work or Disabled Students’ Allowances), and you change your mind then you may cancel your order within 14 days of placing it and receive a full refund as long as you have not started your Software Licence (activated your account) and no personal planning sessions have been delivered.

If you cancel within 14 days but have used any part of your Brain in Hand service (Software Licence, Response Service or personal planning sessions) you will be entitled to a refund for any unused portion of your personal planning sessions payment (subject to receiving 24 hours’ notice to cancel any scheduled sessions) plus 11 months of the payment made for your Software Licence and Response Service.

Software Licences automatically start 90 days after date of order, or on first use of your account (activation) if sooner. If you decide to cancel your Brain in Hand service more than 14 days after placing your order, you must do so within the first 30 days after your Software Licence start date to receive a refund.  In this situation we will refund any unused portion of your personal planning sessions payment (subject to receiving 24 hours’ notice to cancel any scheduled sessions), plus 11 months of the payment made for your Software Licence and Response Service. If you cancel more than 30 days after your Software Licence starts, you are bound to pay for the full year’s contract for your Software Licence and Response Service and no refund will be made for any unused portion of personal planning sessions.

To cancel your Brain in Hand Service you must do so in writing and include the email address associated with your account, or your date of birth, to confirm your identity.

Cancellation requests can be posted to us at Brain in Hand Ltd, Broadwalk House, Southernhay West, Exeter EX1 1TS, or emailed to us at support@braininhand.co.uk from the email address specified on your account. We will respond to you within 14 working days of receipt of your cancellation request.

If you need to cancel or reschedule a booked Personal Planning Session then you must give us at least 24 hours’ notice or the session will be chargeable and the cost deducted from your allocated allowance.

Please call our office on 01392 247909 or email support@braininhand.co.uk if you need to reschedule a booked personal planning session. We will then contact your Brain in Hand Specialist to let them know and will work with you to reschedule your session to a mutually convenient date and time.

By purchasing and using the Brain in Hand system, you agree to be bound by the terms of our End User Licence Agreement.

This agreement can be downloaded from the documents list at the bottom of this page, or viewed by clicking here.

Brain in Hand reserves the right to terminate the use of your licence for any reason and at any time; for example, in response to inappropriate use of the service.

Your privacy is of paramount importance to us and we take data protection very seriously. To that end, your data is owned by you and you can decide who to share access with.

By entering your information onto the profile page of the Brain in Hand website you consent to its use in provision of your  Brain in Hand system including  our Traffic Light Response Service and any other third party responders that you may have nominated. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more detail on how we process your personal data.

If a member of Brain in Hand team or a Response Service provider is concerned about your wellbeing or safety they will notify other services as necessary in line with the safeguarding policies of Brain in Hand and/or the service concerned. A copy of Brain in Hand's safeguarding policy can be downloaded from the documents list at the bottom of this page or viewed by clicking here.

If a member of the Brain in Hand team or a Response Service provider is concerned for your immediate safety they will contact your emergency contact or the emergency services as appropriate and may notify any Brain in Hand supporter that you have nominated.

All information entered onto this website will remain confidential and be used by Brain in Hand and our business partners solely for support and administrative purposes within the terms of the General Data Protection Regulation 2018. We will not supply or grant access to third parties except in the rare event of immediate concern for welfare. The user retains responsibility for ensuring that their personal details are accurate and up to date.

Your Brain in Hand Response Service provider and any other responders that you have specified will have access to your website, allowing them to look back at how you have solved problems in the past and help you manage the problem at hand. Brain in Hand Response Service providers may also contact you on occasion to conduct a review. Reviews help to ensure you are making the best use of your assistive technology to keep your life on track. Brain in Hand staff also have access to your usage data in order to ensure the quality of our service provision and may share this data in an anonymised state with any funding body upon request.

If you choose to move on from the Brain in Hand provided Response Service and/or specify an alternate or additional responder, please be aware that Brain in Hand takes no responsibility for, and has no influence over their terms and conditions, including the confidentiality of data accessed by, or the policies and procedures of, that specified responder.

Like many software applications, Brain in Hand works by making use of the data stored on your smart phone/device and in your secure website. We therefore also recommend that to protect your data you use a code or password on your smart phone/device. If you lose your smart phone / device you can access your content again by logging in on an alternative device. If at any point you would like all your data to be deleted, you can contact Brain in Hand and instruct us to do so.  Please refer to our Privacy Policy for details.

We will be asking you to help us with the evaluation of your experience of using Brain in Hand. This will be on a voluntary basis so you can choose not to take part if you wish. This will likely take the form of questionnaires. When collating and reporting on feedback, all data and views expressed will remain anonymous unless you have specifically agreed otherwise.

Brain in Hand is designed to help you manage your own life better, and to put you in control of what you want to do and achieve. It is not a substitute for making your own decisions. We do not offer advice and cannot be responsible for anything you decide to do (or not do) as a result of using Brain in Hand and related services.

If you would like to make a complaint about Brain in Hand or any of our associated services please first read our Complaints Procedure, which can be found in the documents list at the bottom of this page or viewed by clicking here.

The first step is then to call 01392 247 909 or email us at support@braininhand.co.uk to speak to a member of the team. We will undertake to take your complaint seriously and provide the most appropriate response.

We hope that by using Brain in Hand you will become better at coping with things, be more confident and less anxious. This might mean you can do more on your own and be more independent. If you can do more on your own, you may not be eligible for the same disability benefits as you are now. So, please take advice from a Benefits Advisor about what this could mean for you.

We reserve the right to update these terms and conditions without prior notice. At the top of this page, there is a notice to tell you when it was last updated.

We hope you enjoy using Brain in Hand and find it useful.

EULA - Brain in Hand End User Licence Agreement - Download here

Safeguarding Policy - Brain in Hand's policy about safeguarding children and vulnerable adults - Download here

Complaints Policy - Brain in Hand complaints procedure - Download here