Adjustments in the workplace

Ian's story

 Ian Mitchell is an experienced operational research manager and really enjoys his job, but changes in management can cause him to become stressed, develop insomnia and require time off work to recover. At the age of 49 he was diagnosed as autistic which helped him better understand his situation and look for proper support instead of relying on drugs as he had until then. 

A change in management can turn dream jobs into nightmares for me. But Brain in Hand helps a lot. It helps keep me on track and at work 

The solution

 His employer made reasonable adjustments to his workplace, letting him work from home three days a week. Following assessment they also appointed a work place supporter from CareTrade Charitable Trust and purchased Brain in Hand. 

Ian uses Brain in Hand to support him with work tasks. For example, he has lists to remind him what to consider when writing a report and how to write letters. Ian also uses the anxiety monitor to track his moods, which he finds very helpful. Ian included coping strategies he knows will work when he is feeling anxious 

Brain in Hand and other support

His Brain in Hand is linked to Ian’s workplace supporter, Judith. If Ian is feeling anxious and his coping strategies aren’t working, he presses red and Judith gets in touch by text, helping him to resolve a situation. 

Ian can also share his progress with his manager and motivates them both when it shows that things are going well. 

Brain in Hand has been such a proactive step for him to self-manage.

— Judith, Ian’s supporter